Inside The Real Hill House

If you have not seen the Haunting Of Hill House on Netflix, you need to.  It's one of the BEST television series ever made!!!

The series, based on a novel by Shirley Jackson has also been made into two feature films, and a play...but there is something about this tv version that is mesmerizing, probably because of the home itself and the incredible sets.

In the Netflix adaptation, the house exterior is actually Bisham Manor in LaGrange, Georgia, the interiors were created on a soundstage.

Needless to say, Hill House IS scary and very haunted, but the real home Bisham Manor is not.

Many of the shots used for Hill House were digitally altered exteriors of Bisham...making the Georgian Castle look very creepy.

As you look through the pics of the real house, you can see that the interiors look nothing like the ones that appeared on the series.

In 2014, Bisham Manor was on the market for $1,507,300

The 1920's English Tudor-Style Home "compares to an English castle w/a medieval flavor & Tudor influences" was reconstructed from 1997-2002 by Ben Parham, master-builder.

Occupied by owner/family, it is an "event center" for corporate meetings, dinners, weddings, etc.

This magnificent estate has 4 full floors surrounded by multiple gardens and borders West Point Lake. Interior complete with oaken floors, walls, ceilings, and doors in the grand main level and hall.

The house has a full gym, spa, sauna, steam, and a porch leading to the outdoor pool area and gardens.

The house is approximately 11,000 SF

There is also a guest cottage on site separate from the main house.

...and a wine cellar.

The property is a very popular wedding venue.

So nothing to be scared of.

The Grand Stairwell in The Haunting Of Hill House
We do love that the front stairs in the series are a nod to Gone With The Wind.  You saw that too right?  The sets are AMAZING.

The Haunting Of Hill House is seriously incredible, so go and watch it if you haven't already.  As for the real Hill House...its pretty spectacular too, and that is why we ❤️ it.
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  2. Lots of medieval flavor in this building for sure. I recently read this list of the best medieval movies and learned medieval buildings are mostly nothing like we see in movies. This location is exquisite though.


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