How The Grinch Stole Hollywood

"Stop moving to Los Angeles."  No that's not a "Welcome To Hollywood" sign, it's a warning from the star of the new Dr. Seuss movie...and he doesn't stop there.

Wow...You are a mean one, Mr. Grinch.

The new billboard campaign for #TheGrinch movie have popped up all over LA, and they are already legendary.

They might strike a nerve with Los Angeles residents because they cut to an unspoken reality in Southern California.

I guess that they are meant to be mean...but we think they are HYSTERICAL.

I mean, are they even a joke?

Spot-on brilliance on the side of busses.

Even the ones at Universal Studios:

(Jurassic Park The Ride is closed until it reopens next year as Jurassic World)

It also seems that Grinch has invaded New York as well.


I never wanted to see a movie more.  Hats off to whoever came up this ad...they are beyond brilliant.

The Grinch hits the big screens on November 9, and what better way to get an entire city to see a movie than to hit ’em where it hurts? Mr. Grinch...we ❤️ ya

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