Beverly Hills Hotel Chic


Photographer Gray Malin's latest project brings the Golden Age of Hollywood to life at The Beverly Hills Hotel, and the results are beautiful.

Gray Malin is a fine art photographer and New York Times bestselling author, best known for his Prada Marfa series, who shoots collections around the world and sells them to the masses on his site

His latest collection struck our eye because it's at the famed Beverly Hills Hotel and the prints are stunning.

Inspired by the historic property, this series honors the timeless Hollywood glamour that is synonymous with The Beverly Hills Hotel while incorporating Gray's signature modern day style.

Scenes of beautiful people in vintage wardrobe and props from the 1950s and '60s capture the jet set lifestyle and splendid luxury of Los Angeles' Golden Age.

The prints run from $299-$2,999.00 and they can be purchased right HERE.

We ❤️Gray's photographs and think EVERYONE should have at least ONE piece of art representing Hollywood in their home, so that is why we ❤️this.
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