Los Angeles Where The Streets Sing

Here in Hollywood, even our roads are talented and famous.  Check out the signing highway Avenue G.

Avenue G is a portion of a highway in Lancaster, CA that sings the finale of Rossini’s “William Tell Overture.”

Originally built for a 2008 Honda commercial but just 18 days later, officials had to pave it over due to complaints from nearby neighbors.

A month later for some unknown reason, Honda decided to rebuild the musical highway in a location far from residential neighborhoods, and there it has sat ever since.

What do the roads sing when you drive over them in your town?  HU???

The Musical Road is located on Avenue G in Lancaster, California in between 30th and 40th Street West.  To get there, just take Highway 14 north from Lancaster and exit at Avenue G. An Insider tip....the music can only be heard if you’re driving at the speed limit which is 55 m.p.h.

Now how do we get this road on "The Voice"

To the singing road....we turn our chair because we ❤️ya.  Now can someone tell me where "Lancaster" is?

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