Becoming Scrooge...only in Hollywood

The most famous Christmas story of all time has to be a Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and leave it to the folks in Hollywood to reimagine it into an actual experience called Chained: A Victorian Nightmare 

Chained: A Victorian Nightmare is an immersive theater Virtual Reality adaptation of Charles Dickens’ classic tale where you actually become Scrooge. Well, sort of...

Technically you’re in Scrooge’s role, but the answers you offer to questions about your life are your own and lead the way the experience plays out.

The spooky self-discovery experience begins by knocking on a foreboding chamber door in real life, and using a VR headset to enter a spirit realm.

Part VR, that enables you to see fantastical virtual sights, and part real life, so you also interact with real actors and objects at the same time, the story evolves based on how you answered questions, and how you play.

To achieve this effect, motion capture tracks a live actor who speaks to and guides the guest, all while appearing as a foreboding spirit. It’s very cool, and something a lot of people have likely never experienced with this technology before.

The overall aesthetic is creepy, reminiscent of gothic horror stories, with chilling artwork from Aaron Sims Creative (who also created Stranger Things‘ Demogorgon). But, it’s not specifically a horror experience, so don’t expect to be shrieking at jump scares or gore.

Tickets for the first wave of Chained are sold out, but new tickets will be released daily through December.  For more information click HERE.

What a great idea that brings the past into the present, and adds a bit of "Hollywood" to it...that is why we ❤️ it.  See ya there.

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