Roswell, New Mexico...On Sunset Blvd

A UFO has crash-landed on Sunset Blvd.

If you drive by the old Tower Records location on the Sunset Strip, you might notice that a large UFO has crash-landed into the parking lot.

“Visitors welcome” is now splashed on the side of the historic building next to three egg-shaped pods, which were brought to this planet by the space ship that lay in the parking lot.

In the glowing pods, you can see silhouettes of the young human/alien hybrids. It invites pedestrians to “Make Contact”.

No, it's not an invasion from some distant planet, it's just some unique promotion for The CW’s “Roswell, New Mexico”, a tv series premiering January 15th.

The Roswell Exhibit allows fans to experience the world of The CW’s new series Roswell, New Mexico and have their very own interactive encounter with an alien spaceship as well as other one-of-a-kind photo experiences with elements from the show’s sets.  The series is the second television adaptation of the Roswell High book series by Melinda Metz.

The exhibit runs through Jan 23 from 12-8 and it's totally free to get in. To get tickets, click HERE. Walk-ups may be available, depending on capacity.

Yes, we all wish it was a pop-up exhibit for the CW's Dynasty, but it's not so we will have to just ❤️ the Roswell, New Mexico exhibit and hope for more interactive fan stuff like this in the future.  xoxo

Thanks CW for doing's super cool and we totally ❤️it.

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