Play A Real Life Game Of CLUE

Do you love the board game CLUE?  Are you looking for something special and unique to do in Los Angeles? Do you think you have what it takes to spot a liar and catch a killer?  Have you ever watched CSI Los Angeles and thought"I'd made a great detective,"- well now is your chance to prove it at CluedUPP: The Clue-Cracking, Crime-Solving, Detective Experience!!!

CluedUpp, the hit British outdoor detective game, is so super popular across the pond that it has been asked to bring the game to Hollywood. It’s just like playing a giant, real-life version of the board game Clue.

The Details

What: A giant detective adventure played all across town!
Where: Los Angeles, CA Hollywood Boulevard
When: 30th March 2018
Start Time: Between 10am and 1pm - Finish before 5pm
Cost: $46 per team of up to six adults (kids go free)
Game Title: Sneaky Finders

The Mystery:

It’s 1921 and the bustling industrial town of Millingham, near Los Angeles, has awoke on a misty morning to find one of its most feared residents has been poisoned. As the smoke lifts, the rumors spread across town as to what could have happened and who could be responsible. Rest assured this isn’t going to be straightforward. With money, crime and power come enemies from all walks of life, but who would be daring enough to do this?

The local police force needs assistance with solving this crime and you have been seconded from the Murder Squad on the recommendation of the commissioner himself!. As the complicated investigation continues, a list of suspects and witnesses emerge and it’s going to take your specialist skills to help catch the culprit! Will you be able to crack the case?!

Apparently, this is the only event of its type on the planet and are so incredibly popular they sell out super fast. Do you think you have what it takes to solve the crime??

We can't wait to check it out when it hits the streets of Hollywood.  It's a made-up world to solve a made-up crime...nothing more "Hollywood" than that, and that is why we ❤️it.

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