Return To Walton’s Mountain

Fans of The Waltons television show will soon have a new place to stay, as a brand new Waltons themed bed-and-breakfast has broken ground in Virginia.

The ground was broken this week in Schuyler, Virginia, for a Waltons themed bed and breakfast right where series creator, Earl Hammer Jr., grew up. In 1961, Hamner published his second novel Spencer’s Mountain about life with his siblings, parents, and grandparents, which was the basis for the TV show.

His childhood home, the Walton Hammer House, located in Nelson County, about 40 miles southwest of Charlottesville, is already open to the public and Carole Johnson the owner has been offering tours of the house for more than a decade.

The new B&B has been designed as a replica to the cozy residence where Grandma, Grandpa and John-Boy lived in the long-running drama.

“It will look like the house from the front, we want people to drive up and have it looked like it did on “The Waltons” TV show,” says Carole Johnson.  “It’ll have a warm family feeling of love and kindness.”

Of course, the house really wasn’t even a house it was a facade, built on the Warner Brothers Ranch, and if you are lucky enough to ever be on that lot, be sure to take a look. Last time we were there, the facade still stood.

“I hope to actually have the new bed-and-breakfast full of cast members for that grand opening weekend,” so she anticipates fans will be able to begin booking rooms by the middle of November. You can just imagine bedtime at the B&B right now...."goodnight John-Boy, good night Mary Sue..." Ya gotta ❤️THAT.  xoxo  See ya at the B&B.
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