Rock Hudson Is Coming Back To The Big Screen

Rock Hudson, the actor and Hollywood screen icon is officially coming back to the big screen courtesy of Universal Studios.

Rock Hudson, one of Hollywood’s biggest movie stars and sex symbols who rose to fame with such films as Pillow Talk, Giant, and tv series McMillan & Wife and Dynasty will be returning to the big screen 30 years AFTER his death!  Now THAT’s a comeback!

Director Greg Berlanti, who we all know from his 15 scripted shows currently on our tv schedule, and who's smash hit movie Love, Simon is set director and producer this project.

The new film All That Heaven Allows, will be based on Mark Griffin’s biography of Hudson, All That Heaven Allows.

Oh, did we mention that this new movie will be a bio picture?  The Life Of Rock Hudson...and what a story it is.

Hudson was a closeted heartthrob actor, a gay man in Hollywood at a time when such a lifestyle was not considered socially acceptable and was one of the first celebrities to die of AIDS.

His death served as a call to action for Hollywood concerning LGBTQ rights and, in particular, AIDS activism.  His close friend Elizabeth Taylor become one of the world’s leading advocates for AIDS research for the remainder of her life, forming The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation...a charity that is still active to this day all because of Hudson.

Through his entire career, Rock Hudson kept his romantic life a tightly guarded secret, fearing that coming out as gay would destroy it, only opening up about his sexuality in the early 80s, when the actor received an HIV+ diagnosis and a kiss with Linda Evans on the tv series Dynasty was a shocking controversy. He died of AIDS in 1985.

No word yet on when the biopic might be released, or any casting, but I am sure when completed this film will be an important one. Greg Berlanti doesn't fool around.

Of course, if they keep the title, All That Heaven Allows, this will be the second version of it. The first also starred Hudson along with Jane Wyman...but you already knew that....cause you ❤️Hollywood.  Right?? Plus you would have read all about it when we wrote about it a few months ago.  RIGHT??

So cheers to Rock Hudson, a great movie star, a sad ending, and a great story...a Hollywood legend and incredible legacy, and we ❤️that.
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