A New "The Shining" Debuted In Cannes

Are you ready to revisit Stanley Kubrick's The Shining?

Last week, Alfonso Cuaron introduced a new pristine restoration of Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining"  at the Cannes Film Festival and people are going NUTS for it.

Leon Vitali, Kubrick's longtime assistant teased the crowd, "If anybody hasn't seen it on the screen before, it's a different experience completely. Don't worry, you'll all come out of here alive."

"Actually, tonight, we're going to watch it backwards, because backwards, we'll see it with the message Kubrick (intended)," joked Cuaron.

The 2012 documentary Room 237 chronicled some of those theories, including that The Shining is really about the moon landing or about the treatment of Native Americans. Katharina Kubrick used an expletive to describe the guessing games around "The Shining."

"This is a seriously cool ghost movie. Don't believe any of the conspiracy theories because it's all s---," she said. "I only said that because I've had some champagne."

Cuaron didn't oversee The Shining restoration. That role went to Steven Spielberg, whose 2018 sci-fi thriller Ready Player One included a lengthy homage to The Shining. But Cuaron lavished praise on The Shining while playfully prodding conspiracy theorists that dig into the film for hidden meanings.

Cuaron agreed. "Kubrick would have really gotten a laugh out of all of these conspiracy theories," said the director. "By all reports, he believed in films not to be explained but to be experienced. A little bit like music, he used to say."

Thirty-nine years later, Jack is still not a dull boy. The Shining restoration will be released on home video Oct. 1, and we ❤️that.  xoxo
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