The National Enquirer Museum

Get ready all you pop culture junkies because the world has just gained The National Enquirer Live Museum.

The National Enquirer Live Museum is a family-friendly attraction that brings the famous supermarket tabloid to life and lets guests see "the story behind the story of the tabloid that created an industry," Visitors can view LIVE National Enquirer exclusive stories on celebrities, the British Royal Family, and crimes of the past century.

"Enquiring minds want to know, and this attraction is all about telling the story behind the story. How the National Enquirer got the headlines that have been so famous. There's never been an attraction like this." said museum rep Holly Jones.

The "museum," located in Pigeon Forge, TN, sits just across the street from the Titanic Museum and right down the road from Dollywood.  Here, you can revisit stories that changed the course of history, including the JFK conspiracy and the Princess Diana exhibit which s a computerized model tracing Diana’s death in a car accident in Paris on August 31, 1997.

Other exhibits include a tribute to the famed September 1977 Enquirer cover photo of the corpse of Elvis Presley in its open coffin as well as the cover photo of model Donna Rice sitting on Sen. Gary Hart’s lap on the yacht Monkey Business, the revelation of Sen. John Edwards’ out-of-wedlock love child, and the damning photo of O.J. Simpson wearing the size-12 Bruno Magli Lorenzo boots that fit the bloody footprint discovered at the murder scene of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman.

“People have shown that for nearly 100 years, they just can’t get enough of the storytelling in the National Enquirer - they know what their readers want - and we’re excited to take those stories off the page and bring them to life."

What about Michael Jackson?  Good thing you asked becuase there is an exhibit that details how the Enquirer got the infamous photos of Jackson in the chamber, explaining that the King of Pop actually agreed to pose for those pictures as well as a recreation of Michael dangling his son Blanket out of a hotel window.

This is a pop culture lovers dream and so many stories to revisit and to see. The National Enquirer Live Museum, we ❤️you.  Don't worry if TN is not in your travel plans, the museum is opening up another location in Branson, Missouri VERY Soon.  For tickets, click HERE. See ya there xoxo.

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