Be Part Of "Vanderpump Rules"

If you ever wanted to be in Vanderpump Rules, here is your chance.

This Saturday, May 18 is the 4th annual Vanderpump Dog Foundation World Dog Day, a totally FREE event in the heart of West Hollywood and you are invited to attend.

World Dog Day, started by The Vanderpump Dog Foundation in 2016, is a day that focuses on the celebration of dogs! The day aims to draw attention to the amazing, empathetic creatures that dogs are, while raising awareness about global dog abuse. Together, we can create a better world for dogs, both domestically and internationally. 

If you are a fan of the shows Vanderpump Rules and The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, then you are totally familiar with this event as the cameras have been there for the last 3 years. And if you want to be part of a new version of puppy-gate, come and join.

This year, there will be over 35 pet-friendly vendors, live entertainment, food trucks and a day full of memories with your furry friends, and if you are lucky you just might end up with a cameo on Bravo.

So come join Lisa, Ken and the team from Vanderpump Dogs for the Fourth Annual World Dog Day in West Hollywood Park. Just steps away from Sur, Pump, and TomTom and it's FREE...and we so ❤️ that. See ya there bitches.  
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