Miley's "Black Mirror" TV Character Ashley O's Music Video

Ashely O's new music video for hit song On A Role is here.  Never heard Of Ashley O?  Yes, you have.....

Ashely O is actually superstar Miley Cyrus' character she plays in the new season of Black Mirror, and it's Ashley O, not Miley who has released this new song

And now she has a full-length video to go with the song.

Remember, this is NOT Miley this is Ashley O from the Netflix series Black Mirror. Netflix announced via a "press release" that credited neither Cyrus nor Nine Inch Nails. ("On a Roll" is a riff on the group's 1990 industrial classic Head Like a Hole.)

Today, award-winning pop sensation Ashley O unveils a new music video for her single 'On a Roll,' in which Ashley O empowers her fans to believe in themselves and to work hard to achieve their goals.
This seems to be a new trend in today's market, actors releasing music under their characters name.
Chase Dreams from the show The Other Two has 3 hit songs, except Chase Dreams is NOT a real person. He is a character played by Case Walker.  In the case of Miley, this isn't the first time she has done this, she previously released music as her first alter ego, Hannah Montana.

Well now Hannah is dead, and Ashley O is the new/old Miley. Take a look:

So meta. If you haven't seen the latest season of Black Mirror on Netflix, check it out.  We ❤️ the way they look at Hollywood and you will too. xoxoo
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