Michael Feinstein Opens A New Liza Minnelli Bar In Studio City

FEINSTEIN’S at VITELLO’S in Studio City is now open complete with a Liza Minnelli room.

Michael Feinstein has opened up FEINSTEIN’S at VITELLO’Shome to internationally renowned musical force MICHAEL FEINSTEIN as well as a roster of amazing Jazz, Musical Theater, Comedy and some of today’s most celebrated performers.

OH...and there is also “Liza,” a 1940s-inspired bar and lounge area dedicated to Liza Minnelli here, a "gift" to his best gal pal of 35 years.

“Liza gave us permission to create the room using her memorabilia,” Feinstein said.

“I wanted to create a space that was just for Liza. So we have Liza’s room now,” Feinstein shared via an interview with ET, “We met at a nightclub, [so] it’s fitting. l was playing a Christmas party and Liza came by. She heard me playing a song and I lost a line. I lost a lyric, and she threw the lyric to me. I said, ‘Thank you.’ She said, ‘You’re welcome.'”

“She kept going, then she came back and sat down next to me and said, ‘From now on, we’re going to be joined at the hip,'” the 62-year-old pianist continued. “And I went, ‘Haha, yeah right.’ And that’s what happened.”

Despite their close friendship, Minnelli was still shocked to learn Feinstein was creating a special space just for her in his supper club.

“Uh, please. I couldn’t believe it really,” Minnelli said. “[Like], ‘Huh, what are we doing?'”

Michael, whose career spans countless achievements on Broadway, has five Grammy Award nominations, two Emmy nominations, is also the proud owner of the iconic Cravens Estate in Pasadena which we wrote about last year.

He also currently serves as Principal Pops Conductor for the Pasadena Symphony, where he continues to support the legacy of The Great American Songbook Foundation.

Michael is very excited about his new LA club and plans to fill it with an eclectic mix of entertainers will bring spirited, one-of-a-kind performances to the San Fernando Valley’s favorite Italian restaurant.

"I had been wanting a nightclub in Los Angeles for a long time. “That’s how my career started,” he explained. “L.A.’s never been a late-night place because people get up early to work, but there are those of us who come alive after dark.”

Vitello’s is an iconic family-owned Italian restaurant in the Valley’s Tujunga Village for the last 50 years. Maybe MOST iconic from the Robert Blake incident where the restaurant acted as his alibi when he told police he couldn't have shot his wife because he was inside the restaurant at the time retrieving a gun he left on the table.

Now after a complete restaurant transformation "we wanted to rid out the bad energy" FEINSTEIN’S at VITELLO’S, is nestled upstairs above the restaurant’s main dining room.

Formally named Upstairs at Vitello’s, (which I believe was the inspiration for Kyle's club The Upstais on Melrose Place) Feinstein’s provides an intimate club setting with 125+ seats and the full dinner menu available to enjoy during performances.

With Feinstein’s incredible network of performers and musicians, there’s no telling who may show up at FEINSTEIN’S at VITELLO’S, and we just can't believe there is an actual LIZA MINNELLI bar in "Hollywood." AMAZING. FEINSTEIN’S at VITELLO’S, we ❤️you.

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