MODS At The Beverly Center

The first MODS in the United States is now open at The Beverly Center.

MODS...The Museum of Dream Space is the first museum mainly exhibiting digital art in the United States. The design concept of MODS is illuminated by art design from Yayoi Kusama (famous of infinite rooms) and the development of digital art. MODS is a world full of live images reacting on motion.

Here you get to visit a magical world with incredible Illusions supported by very unique technology.

"The uniqueness of MODS is to break the limitation of physical media, extend the art by digital technology and to provide the largest freedom of visitors experiencing the arts, which realize the physical extension of the arts" says Kusama

In other words...a space to take SELFIES to post on the BEVERLY CENTER.  Who can ask for anything more.

For more information and for tickets, click HERE.

We always ❤️museums created just to take selfies, do they have them in other cities or just LA?.  xoxo  See you there.
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