Rom Com Fest In Los Angeles

There is a convention for just about EVERYTHING here in Hollywood, and romantic comedies are no exception. Yup, there's a "con" for that too.

This weekend Los Angeles welcomes Rom COM, an entire convention dedicated to the Romantic Comedy Genre.

Routinely dismissed by film critics as a lesser genre artistically, romantic comedies aren’t simply traditionally beloved, but also a true art form which has produced some of the most classic and enduring films we know today. 

These films should receive the recognition they deserve along with an experience to bring together a community of film fans that flock to them.

The convention consists of screenings of classic romantic comedies as well as some new films and Q&A's before and after films.

So if you ❤️ romantic comedies, and are looking for a place to cry your eyes out with a bunch of your gal pals and your one gay friend, the convention runs through Sunday in downtown L.A.

For tickets and a schedule of events, click HERE. There are tons of super cool celebrities scheduled to appear and you never know what surprises the organizers have in store for you.
We ❤️that you ❤️these movies as much as the other attendees. Finding your tribe, that's what Hollywood is all about. See you there. XOXO

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