Take a journey through the enchanted world of Zentopia, a one-of-a-kind visual festival.

Zentopia, is a magical 3-D experience unique event created by artist Debi Cable that offers a spectacular interactive immersive art exhibit with many enchanting and spellbinding moments.

This newest entry into the rapidly expanding Immersive Experience industry, lets you reach out to touch space particles, glowing flowers and fairy tale creatures. The world of Zentopia immerses visitors from floor to ceiling. What is real and what is illusion? Zentopia leaves every guest mesmerized by what they’ve experienced, sure only of the joy and elation it imparts.

If this sounds like your vibe, check it out.  To purchase tickets, click HERE

We ❤️fun things like this in LA, so support and take lots of pics.  See ya there.  xoxo
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