Finding Zsa Zsa

Before we were keeping up with the Kardashians, or following Paris Hilton and her famous family, there were the Gabors, the most glamorous sisters in all of Hollywood, and now a new book tells some of the stories that the sisters thought were buried with them.

In Finding Zsa Zsa: The Gabors Behind the Legend, Hollywood biographer, film historian, and Gabor family friend, Sam Staggs writes about the sheer resilience of the Gabor family.

Culled from new interviews with family, colleagues, and confidantes, and the unpublished memoirs of the author's friend Francesca Hilton, Finding Zsa Zsa finally introduces fans to the Gabor family they never knew, including many never-before-seen photos. It’s a riveting, outrageously funny, bittersweet, and affectionately honest read of four women who were vulnerable, tough, charitable, endlessly fascinating, and always glamorous to a fault.

No group of sisters had more sex, husbands, lovers, salacious gossip, tabloid cover stories, and glamorous gowns that the Gabors.  These European knockouts dominated film and TV for decades with their rollercoaster antics, sudden rises and dramatic crashes.

So pick up Finding Zsa Zsa: The Gabors Behind the Legend for a great summer read, and a loving look at the family that was equal parts allure and notoriety.  We so ❤️that.

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