The Original Farmers Market

If you live here or have ever visited the city on angels, then you must have visited The Original Farmers Market, a staple of LA history.

In 1934, a group of 18 farmers backed their trucks onto a dirt lot and started hawking their goods. and The Original Farmers Market was born.

Today, you'll still find local apples, oranges, and lemons, but the market has largely shifted its focus toward prepared food, like California-fresh salads and incredible counter restaurants. You can find foods from all over the world.

One of the oldest spots is Magee's House of Nuts, where you can watch the purveyors grind their homemade nut butters. And if you love farmers' markets for the people-watching, nearby CBS Television City makes this a great spot for celebrity sightings.

For more history and the what what of what's going on, and for all the history, click HERE.

The Original Farmers Market, we ❤️ ya.  It's the perfect way to spend a few hours, a perfect LA Day.  Meet ya at 3rd and Fairfax.
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