Everybody Comes To Hollywood

The kiss that changed the world. Who could forget the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards when  Madonna, Britney, and Christina were Like A Virgin, until that moment when Madonna made out with Spears and then when she was about to do the same with Agularia, MTV famously cut to Justin Timberlake's reaction leaving the Madonna/Christina kiss to the cutting room floor. THE DRAMA. Madonna and Britney got the press, Christina got bupkis.

Let's go back to an important moment in our nation's history: the 2003 MTV VMAs, when Britney Spears infamously kissed Madonna and the world went into shock.

People at home missed the shot of Christina Aguilera, the other queen of pop, also kissing Madonna⁠ because MTV panned to Justin Timberlake's face during her kiss, and the moment was never shown.

The kiss is often cited as one of the most iconic moments in the history of the awards and it is certainly one of the most important moments in pop culture history. Years later we are still talking about it.

Some thought the shot of Madonna and Christina was lost forever, some thought it never happened at all. Thankfully, MTV just released an alternative version of this crucial VMAs moment and now we can relive it as it was meant to be. Take a look:

Yes, everybody comes to Hollywood, they want to make it in the neighborhood. We ❤️Madonna, Brittney, Christina and Missy Elliot for this iconic moment in pop-culture history.

We ❤️you very much.  xoxo

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