Rent A Dog For Your Hike In Hollywood

We've been saying it was needed for years, and now it's finally a reality. You can now rent a dog for your afternoon hikes in the Hollywood Hills.

If you live in Hollywood then you know that hiking in Runyon Canyon is a must. Here there are tons of other like-minded people walking the trails with their four-legged friends, the perfect icebreaker to meet other hikers on the hill. But what to do if you don't have your own dog?  Enter The Original Rescue Dog.

The Original Rescue Dog Hike, a non-profit rescue organization that has stepped in to solve a problem that never really existed...but is kinda really needed.  They are charging $45 to essentially rent-a-dog for the afternoon and take that dog on a hike. The money helps to keep the organization running. It's a win-win.

Founder Ryan Boyd told Lonely Planet that “scared or traumatized dogs tend to react better outside than when indoors,” explaining that many of the dogs that come in are “somewhat damaged.”

“By taking them out, walking them, and exposing them to lots of different people and other dogs, we have found that they resocialize quickly,” says Boyd. “We have had a number of abused dogs that could not be handled come around and become very adaptable simply through repeated hikes.”

The walks tend to average out at about two hours over the course of a three-mile hike and take place several days a week. Rates depend on the day and time of the hike starting off at $45 dollars and reaching $60 during prime Sunday morning slots.  Add that to the valet charges at Runyan and a free day at the park is now close to $100 bucks.

In most cities where people pay top dollar to dog walkers, in Hollywood people can now pay to walk a dog.  #brilliant Next someone needs to start a kid-rental program for the grownups who love Disney but don't want to go it alone.  We would so ❤️that. Make it happen people!!!
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