Rent Bella's House From Twilight

Attention Twilight fans...for a small fee, you can now sleep inside Bella's actually bedroom.

Last August, we told you about the Swan house from Twilight being up for sale, well it looks as if someone has bought it, and is making it available as a rental.

The five-bedroom St. Helens, Oregon house used in the film is listed for rent on Airbnb starting at $297 per night. A sweet deal if you are a super fan.

The home features the same decor from the film, a closet full of Bella's clothes and life-sized cardboard cutouts of the cast. How cool.

Stay in this famous movie house! For the first time ever, you are now able to experience the inside of the home, so loving referred to as the Twilight Swan House. This house was featured as the home of Charlie and Bella Swan in the movie Twilight.

Take photos recreating all of your favorite Twilight scenes! Dine at Charlie's actual dining table that was used in filming. Sleep in Bella's bedroom! Team Edward?--Sleep in the "lookout" room, overlooking the front yard, which is where Bella looks out the window to see Edward parked. Team Jacob?--Sleep in the "Jacob Black guest room", located off the main entry downstairs.

If you would like to book a stay, click HERE.

We sooo ❤️that someone has taken the time to curate something like this. In Hollywood, it probably would have been torn down by now.  This just might be worth a trip to Oregon after all.
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