Who Killed Marilyn Monroe?

What if Marilyn Monore's death was not an overdose as reported? What if it was murder? A new podcast The Killing of Marilyn Monroe discusses brand new information to finally answer that never-ending Hollywood question...What really happened to Marilyn Monroe?

The world's most famous sex symbol Marilyn Monroe died in 1962 at the age of 36.

The corners famously ruled her death as a "probable suicide" but many people believed it was murder, and a possible conspiracy excused and covered up by one of her famous lovers.

This is the focus of The Killing of Marilyn Monroe is a 12-part audio series, created by the guys behind Fatal Voyage: The Mysterious Death of Natalie Wood.  

The podcast reveals recently released evidence and secrets contained in the actress' red diary and the power struggle between President John F. Kennedy and his attorney brother, Robert.

The show promises that "listeners will gain intimate, never-before-revealed insight into the life of one Hollywoods most iconic stars, from her early days to poverty to her untimely death."  

The Killing of Marilyn Monroe honors the legacy of the tragic heroine, with edge-of-your-seat storytelling that seeks to unravel the truth... and we ❤️that.

Long live Marilyn.  
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