Celebrate 60 Years Of Chez Jay

Happy 60th Birthday to the bar that inspired "The Regal Beagle" in Three's Company, Chez Jay.

One of Los Angeles's most famous bars, Chez Jay, which first opened its doors in 1959, is celebrating six decades in business by turning back time to their original prices.

This Saturday, from 4pm to close, you can enjoy live jazz, New York cut steak for $5.95; the filet mignon béarnaise for $5.95; the grenadine of beef with mushroom sauce for $4.50.

If you’re craving seafood, the shrimp curry with rice pilaf is only $3.95; broiled Catalina swordfish with bĂ©arnaise is but $3.75; and the surf-and-turf top sirloin with lobster tail is just $6.95.

Wash it all down with old-fashions, dirty martinis, margaritas, gimlets, Cuba Libres and Manhattans, raising a toast to Chez Jay and more than half a century of good times and good steaks.

Chez Jay is rumored to be the influence behind the design of the local bar, the Regal Beagle from Three's Company. Rumor has is, the writers from the show used to frequent the place and even wrote the pilot at a table at Chez Jay. Not only that, but it was also a frequent home to The Rat Pack

Some come and enjoy Chez Jay's birthday by dressing in  ’50s attire, and eating and drinking some food with 1959 prices.  Chez Jay...we ❤️you.
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  1. The line will be around the block. Twice. I'm too old to stand around to go back in time.