Musso & Frank, A Tribute

The Hollywood legendary restaurant Musso & Frank Grill has been going strong for 100 years, and now, the oldest restaurant in Hollywood has been immortalized with a lovely video tribute.

The Musso and Frank Grill has always been a beacon of light for literary Los Angeles. From Hemingway and Fitzgerald to Chandler and Bukowski, think of what’s been created in these blood-red leather booths. And those are just the names you know. Plenty of blacklisted artists found community in the infamous writers room too. It was welcoming. And safe.

A hundred years on, creativity still glows as hot as Orson's Montecristo cigar once did. Time and again, our finest contemporary filmmakers and screenwriters cast Musso's in both starring and supporting roles. The smoke-washed wallpaper, hand-carved wood and dimly lit chandeliers are more than a backdrop. 

In the hands of Tarantino or Soderbergh, Weiner or the Coens, it's a legendary Hollywood character unto itself. Transcending eras, it holds an authenticity that even the best production designer can’t impersonate. Only the real thing will do.

The modern-day is relentless in its fire and fury. But 6667 Hollywood remains a safe harbor, offering sovereignty. And six nights a week, as the shadows lengthen and the boulevard comes alive, you can sense it again. A place for timeless stories. The past toasting the present, offering it protection. A feeling of home.  Take a look:

Featured in Films/TV Shows:

Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle
Ed Wood
Grace and Frankie
Hollywood Homicide
Mad Men
NCIS: Los Angeles
Ocean's Eleven
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
Ray Donovan
Rules Don’t Apply
The Affair
The Kominsky Method
The Last Tycoon
The Man Who Wasn’t There
The Neon Demon

Musso & Franks... we ❤️you.
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  1. En fait, la beauté de la vie et de l'amour, belle de cinéma...