Live At Disneyland

If you ever dreamed of living inside Disneyland, you may get your wish that your heart made.

If visiting Disneyland daily is not enough for you, and you never want to leave, soon you may not need to. Apparently, there is a new Disneyland timeshare coming and guests can stay at the Happiest Place on Earth for as long as they would like.

Disney recently announced that they are building a 12-story tall, 350-unit timeshare complex next door to the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim joining the Grand Californian Hotel, making this the first time that you actually live at the happiest place on earth.

Unfortunately, they have not yet announced artist concept plans or an opening date for the timeshare, but The Orange County Register reports that the project will not be completed before 2022.

As for the price...timeshare memberships with Disney Vacation Club begin at $19,000 in addition to monthly dues. Membership fees and prices vary by how frequently the timeshare is used. This membership does not include discounts or admissions to Disney parks.  The memories... PRICELESS!!!

So if you ❤️Disneyland as much as we ❤️Hollywood, go on and buy a timeshare. Just don't forget to invite us to your housewarming.  xoxo
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  1. Non vedevo l'ora che se ne andasse, scomparisse dalla mia vita, per sentire finalmente la sua mancanza. Ecco cosa si dice dei film...