Behind The Scenes of "The Mandalorian"

Time to go behind the scenes of The Mandalorian, the first-ever live-action Star Wars series.

The groundbreaking Disney+ series The Mandalorian is a wonderful series, and it's also the first to use a virtual production technology that combines real-time game engine renderings with video wall technology to create epic backdrops on a sound stage. Basically, there are no sets.  But how did they do it?

In this behind-the-scenes video, creator Jon Favreau shares how it was done, and what went into making the first season.  Take a look:

We ❤️The Mandalorian, and we ❤️all the production that goes into it.  If you haven't seen it...check it out. xooxo
Behind The Scenes of "The Mandalorian" Behind The Scenes of "The Mandalorian" Reviewed by #IheartHollywood on February 25, 2020 Rating: 5


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