Lohan Island

Get me to Lindsayland IMMEDIATELY!!

Lindsay Lohan announced plans to open a fantastic new island resort in Dubai – and she's just revealed what she'll be calling it.

In a since-deleted Instagram post, Lohan uploaded an image of a luscious-looking island resort rendering, alongside the caption: "Prototype of #LINDSAYLAND."

The caption also called the idea “Lohan ISLAND Dubai" but come on...LindsayLand just has that certain joie de vivre...doesn't it?

This isn't her first time at the rodeo.  She is already a hospitality entrepreneur, with multiple clubs in Greece who’s also filming a reality show for MTV about her Greek businesses as we speak.

This is no joke.  According to a 2012 report on Emirates 24/7, investors in the project were “offered a full refund by the developer,” and the project was put on hold. The website for the planned project had promised 131 residences, a five-star spa and gourmet restaurants.

In January, Lohan Instagrammed herself on a beach on the isle, proclaiming, “Soon this will be Lohan Island.”

In case you are unaware of how popular her club is in Greece...just google #dothelilo and see how one video of her dancing went completely viral.  Of course, it's our version, edited to the song "Danceophobia" the song she did with Duran Duran that is the BEST.

We ❤️Lilo and so want to party with her...at LindsayLand.  YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!  I mean...just for the pics.

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