The Bunny Museum

We here in Hollywood know that when we want to see an Andy Warhol painting, we go to the Norton Simon Museum, and when we want to see Gainsborough’s “The Blue Boy,” we visit the Huntington Library. And when we want to see the world’s largest collection of bunny memorabilia...we hop on over to The Bunny Museum...duh!!!

Located Hollywood adjacent in Altadena, The Bunny Museum is a real life bunny loving place and the worlds ONLY bunny museum.  

Owners, Candice and Steve, a married couple who used to call each other ‘honey bunny.’ established their bunny museum in 1993. 

What started out with just a simple Valentine’s Day gift, a plush bunny, grew to the largest bunny-themed collections in the world....more than 35,000 bunny items (The Guinness Book of World Records certified them as the biggest bunny repository back in 1999 when they had 8,437 pieces). 

Their collection now included all sorts of bunny-ful items: mugs, paintings, towering sculptures, adorable stuffed toys, dolls and even a few real life bunnies hopping around.  

So if you are ready to go down the rabbit hole, check out their site HERE for info.

Yes, here in Hollywood there is a museum for EVERYTHING...including BUNNIES...and we ❤️that.  

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