Alexis Says More

When I first made a little video and posted it on YouTube called Shit Alexis Says a few years ago, I never knew how many people would enjoy seeing Dame Joan Collins as Alexis Colby again. But you did...and you watched it by the hundreds of thousands. #WeheartDynasty

So when I was asked to produce another one, I quickly released More Shit Alexis Says, and the response for that was tremendous as well. You guys ❤️ watching it and quoting it as much as I loved making it. #JoanCollinsJustice

People have told me they have seen Shit Alexis Says playing in bars and clubs across the world.  It's been tweeted about, Instagrammed, written about in magazines and blogs, and was even played in front of live audiences at Dame Joan Collins Unscripted Show.

It was also told to me by a few industry insiders that these Alexis videos sparked the interest in creating the new version of Dynasty currently on air, and the evidence seems to lead that way:

So THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for watching and sharing.

Now with ❤️❤️s and thanks, I present the third in the series for you to enjoy:  "Alexis Says More"

So take your junk, and your blonde tramp and watch and share...I hope you like:


Thank you Dame Joan Collins for Alexis Morell Carrington Colby Dexter Rowan, and to all the writers and producers, to anyone who ever worked on the series, and all the fans of Orignal Dynasty...we ❤️you. #DynastyForever
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