Traveling out of LAX can be an excruciatingly painful process, but not anymore.  Check out The Private Suite, a brand new terminal and the first of its kind to be built in the United States, at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

Far from the traffic surrounding the airport, The Private Suite offers the wealthy and famous, privacy-seeking celebrities, executives, and any travelers who feel that they need a little TLC a way to fly in or out of Hollywood that has never been available before.

When you fly out of The Private Suite at LAX,  you won't walk down long crowded concourses, or line up at ticket counters and boarding gates. You won't deal with baggage or paparazzi or wait in crowded lines.

In here, every wish is on command and Private TSA Screening is the new black.

When you arrive, you are brought to one of 13 private suites, stacked with food, drinks, toiletries, and your own private bathroom.

Once settled. you can order any pre-flight meals you desire and get a complimentary in-suite manicure, massage or haircut.  There is even a doctor on call if you feel a bit under the weather.

If you would prefer to spend time in the private spa...we don't blame ya.

And if you are traveling with children, there is a special area designed for them to play outside.

When you are here for work, you can use the private boardroom equipped with complimentary video conferencing.

The staff is there to serve your every need, and when it's your time to board your flight, they'll escort you through their own TSA outpost. There is also private Customs for your inbound flights.

Next, a personal chauffeur drives you and up to three companions right up to your gate where you'll walk straight onto your plane, ahead of anyone else.

For $2,700 per flight (for up to 4 people with a membership) it sounds WONDERFUL. Out of all of the amenities...the best one of all is never needing to set foot inside the main terminal ever again.  Up up and away...STRESS-FREE!!!

Who doesn't want to live like a star?  The Private Suite, pre-flying the way it should be, and that is why we ❤️ya!!!
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