The Simpsons Is Going Drag

So I haven't watched The Simpsons in YEARS...but an upcoming episode with RuPaul and some of the stars of RuPaul's Drag Race might make me watch again.

YAAAS QUEEN...RuPaul comes to Springfield on the Novemeber 18 episode playing a queen called Queen Shante, who gives Marge and Homer drag makeovers.

Drag Race champion Raja is also set to appear in the episode, and will reportedly play Homer’s drag mother.

The episode starts when Marge embarking on a career as a plastic container-selling drag queen. Showrunner Al Jean told Entertainment Weekly: “This is true – most successful Tupperware sellers are drag queens so Marge starts selling Tupperware, and her friend Julio convinces her to pose as a drag queen to make more money.”

“They think she’s a guy playing a woman, which Marge kind of looks like a little. She’s really successful and then RuPaul is playing a character like himself.”


In more than 640 episodes of the show—which is now in Season 30—the dad has never dressed in drag. His son Bart, Bart’s friend Milhouse, Barney and Homer’s dad, Abe Simpson, have all donned women’s clothes, but never Homer himself. 

Still not sure how Homer ends up on in drag doing death drops on what looks like the Drag Race stage...but I guess all will be answered on the episode.

Homer Simpson, we always thought you were a "Supermodel Of The World" and that is why we ❤️this.

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