The 2018 #IheartHollywood Gift Guide

The holidays are always a fun time to shop for family and friends, so why not get everyone what they really deserve...a Holywood treasure.

Here are our top 10 #IheartHollywood ultimate suggestions:

1. Game Of Thrones Accessories:

Since winter has arrived, it's time to deck the halls with Game Of Thrones swag like a Westeros ornament or a 3D Dragon Eggs Jigsaw Puzzle.  And if the man in your life just can't wait to be king, there is even an entire line of sleek and dapper neckties and cufflinks.  Just remember, "when you play the game of thrones, you win or you die."

2. The Whiskey A Go-Go and Rainbow Bar and Grill Merch.  

If you heart Hollywood as much as us, you are gonna NEED the entire collection of merch from two of the most famous bars on the Sunset Strip.  Products range from hats and shirst to flasks, lighters, and even collectible figurines.  Rock on.

3. The Walking Dead Wine:  

Get your guests stumbling like walkers with these libations.  Selections include a Daryl Dixon Cabernet Sauvignon and a Rick Grimes Sirah.  We hear the Negan Bourbon Barrel Red Blend is killer.  At $22 a bottle, there is no reason NOT to buy a case.

4. Face Cookies

East Village bakery Cupcake Market will take any face you want—from pop culture icons like Jerry Seinfeld. Madonna or Kim and Kayne (or yourself) and turn it into a delicious, edible cookie. Designed by Sarah Silverman, the face cookies will be the star of your next Instagram photoshoot...gluten included.

5. The Pink Palace Palm Queen Pillowcases from the Beverly Hills Hotel:

There is nothing better than spending the night at the famous Pink Palace, The Beverly Hills Hotel, and with these unique pillowcases you can rest your head in style. These hand-designed banana leaf print pillowcases are made of luxurious silk for a heavenly night's sleep, whilst keeping hair smooth and tangle-free.  These Koio Primo shoes are pretty fab too.

6. Eat Like A Maisel:

This unofficial cookbook for fans of the Emmy-winning Amazon series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel serves up 75 recipes for folks to nosh on.  They range from classic cocktails and decadent desserts to plates of potato lakes and dishes called Hangover Mac & Cheese, Midge's Meatloaf and Papa's Favorite Roast Beef.

7. Turn Your Apple Watch Into A Classic MAC

Ok, technically NOT a "Hollywood" product, but darn this Apple Watch charger is super cute. Just lay your watch inside the pluged in charger and enjoy a classic 80's vibe. Makes me want to run out and get an Apple Watch.  At $9.99 I might buy two.

8. Inside Black Mirror:

The award-winning anthology gets a scholarly breakdown in this tell-all tome that co-showrunner Brooker hopes might dispel a few myths. "Some people think the show is created by Unabomber types who despise all technology,' he says. "It's not that at all!! We're quite self-deprecating.  We've got a good sense of humor."  There are so many great books out there they tell the tale of your favorite Hollywood movie and tv show.  Here are some other suggestions.

9. Oculus Go:

Want the best seats in the house to watch all your favorite movies and TV shows?  There is only ONE choice, the Oculus Go.  The new mass-market VR device headset that works without the need of a separate PC (or all those pesky wires), yet delivers an experience that far surpasses what can be produced with a phone-based VR experience. Everyone who ❤️s Hollywood needs one and deserves one.  At only $199, buy one for EVERYONE

10. Shop Joan Collins

Do you have a friend who ❤️s actress Joan Collins?  Doesn't EVERYONE?  From Costume sketches for Dynasty by Nolan Miller to clothing and photos and a host of other items, here you will find everything to satisfy your inner diva. All of the items have been hand-selected for inclusion by Joan herself and you never know what you are gonna find, so shop shop shop. Extra added bonus...each item sold comes with a certificate of authenticity.

So there ya have it.  And if you need some other inspirations, you can always click HERE and HERE and HERE for some other ideas. If you would like to buy us something and send it to us...private message, please.

Oh...and there is ONE MORE THING:

If you are a fan of The Real Housewives Of Dallas, you are going to want plenty of Sparkle Dog Food for your pampered pet. Yes, pink dog food is a real thing, and it can be shipped right from Dallas to your Hollywood it should, GIRL!!!

Thanks for reading.  Can't wait to see what you buy, and remember, we ❤️you.

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