Final Semester At Saved By The Max

Kids from the '90s are obsessed with Saved By The Max, the Saved By The Bell inspired restaurant in Los Angeles, and soon there is gonna be a whole new experience for them to rave about. (see what I did there....cause kids in the '90s went to raves...ah never mind)

By now I am sure you have heard about Saved By The Max, the Saved By The Bell restaurant here in Los Angeles.  Of course you have, because we even wrote about twice. Once HERE, and once HERE.

“Bringing The Max to life on the West Coast for the past eight months has been nothing short of a dream come true,” said Derek Berry, one of the partners behind Saved by The Max, which opened in Los Angeles June 1, 2018."

And now, the restuarant has a new surprise for its loyal fans..."Final Semester."

"We really wanted to take our final semester in L.A. to the next level. First-time guests and our biggest Max fans alike will be so stoked to come by and see what we have up our sleeves.”

"Final Semester" is a new experience coming to the restaurant which means turning Mr. Belding’s office into Zack’s bedroom, and Zack’s mom Melanie Morris (Melody Rogers) made the annoucement...take a look:

That's cool and all...but that is NOT the only thing to get excited about.

Remember our story last week about Marion Davies Beach House, and how it was also the real-life location for the Malibu Beach Sands Beach Bar from Saved By The Bell?  Of course you are a loyal reader.

Well OBVIOUSLY the folks at Saved By The Max read about it too because as part of "Final Semester" the new Malibu Beach Sands Beach Bar will be recreated as well:

According to the press release:  The Saved by the Max will transform a section of the Max diner to the signature Malibu restaurant and beach club which you may remember from those memorable summer vacation episodes of Saved by the Bell (remember Leah Remini as Stacey Carosi?)

The Malibu Sands-specific menu will feature a variety of tropical-inspired cocktails, large-format shareable drinks, and several new food items by the diner’s Michelin-starred executive chef Brian Fisher.

But there is a catch, Final Semester is only gonna be around for a short time and after April 30, the space will close in preparation for Saved by The Max’s third stop along its national tour. So you better hurry up and purchase tickets HERE.

The Saved by the Max experience originally launched in Chicago in June 2016 before heading to Los Angeles in June 2018. The pop-up in LA was originally supposed to run for six months but due to its popularity, it extended its run.

With the Malibu Sands Beach Bar and Zack’s Bedroom, Saved by The Max continues to expand its brand and the trend of fan-driven immersive experiences based on iconic pop culture properties. Now only if someone would open up La Mirage from Dynasty, we could all rest easy.

See ya at the MAX. Saved By The Max...we ❤️you.
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