The Alternate Museum Of Toys

In another installment of unusual LA museums, we present Obvious Plant's Museum Of Toys.

Obvious Plant's Museum of Toys is a Los Angeles pop-up exhibit that walks visitors through an alternate history of toys.

In this alternate reality, real toys are recontextualized and placed alongside Obvious Plant's original toys to create a darker, more bizarre version of the past.

The museum features 100+ toys and games, each one unique and altered in a humorous way.  Multiple interactive exhibits can also be found throughout the exhibit.

The pop up runs from March 1-17th from 7-11PM, is $10 bucks to get in and is located at 2270 Venice Blvd. LA, CA 90006

Special guest appearances include pop-up shops from popular Los Angeles-based Internet personalities such as Poorly Drawn Lines, Everything is Terrible, Oddly Weird Shop and more.

So check it out, might be a great time to go to Venice and experience this alternative reality. Obvious Plant's Museum Of Toys, we ❤️ya.
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