Is "Growing Pains" Coming Back To TV?

In TV news...the surviving members of the Seaver Family are shopping around an update of their iconic Growing Pains TV show, but will anyone buy it?

With the success of all the other revivals of 80's and 90's sitcoms, it's no surprise to hear that the former cast of Growing Pains want to reunite, and "as long as they've got each other" there is a shot.  But does anyone care about the Seavers without Alan Thicke?

Former "Growing Pains" actors Kirk Cameron, Jeremy Miller and Tracey Gold have revealed they are all "on board" for a reboot of the popular 80's and 90's TV sitcom they starred in as children.

The three stars have been working together behind the scenes, which could mean the Seavers will make a comeback to small screens in the near future.

Alan Thicke was the motivating factor behind getting it going, and when he passed away, it fell by the wayside," Jeremy Miller said recently at the Roger Neal Oscar Viewing Dinner and Icon Awards in LA. “Tracey (Gold), Kirk (Cameron) and I are trying to see it through.”

Joanna Kerns, who played their mother on the beloved 1985-'92 sitcom, "would most likely only come back for a few episodes since she is one of the busiest directors in Hollywood," adds Jeremy.

“But if we could get her to direct the reboot, that would be amazing.” The actors formed a genuine family on the set. “Alan and Joanna were truly my second parents," says Jeremy. “They helped keep us in line, and they definitely taught us life lessons. Even after the show was over, they were always there for us.”

In any event, the series' co-stars will always remain close. “We've stayed in each other's lives all these years later," says Jeremy. “We loved our Growing Pains family and we were blessed to be able to share that with America. Being able to do that again would be very special.”

Hmm, sounds like the girl who played Chrissy is out as in out of sight out of mind.  Shame.

Oh and what about Leo DiCaprio? Just a guess here, but I can't imagine Leonardo DiCaprio is returning Mike Seaver's calls.

Would you like to see a Growing Pains reboot?  We would ❤️ least for one episode, right?

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