The Foodie Museum

Well, THIS was bound to happen. Hollywood now has an official museum to take selfies next to fake food. Introducing The Foodie Space, a photo-taking foodie's dream come true.

The Foodie Space is a food-themed interactive pop-up museum where patrons can take selfies of themselves in different vignettes of fake food items.

Imagine interactive art exhibits including colossal glitter fries that you can marry, or playing with an overflowing phở noodle bowl, or swimming in a giant caviar pool.

Playing with society’s obsession with social media and #foodporn, visitors have a chance to take tons of glorious food pics to their heart’s content with larger than life food-themed exhibits. No need to feel embarrassed when taking pics of food here.

So if going out to dinner with friends who take Instas of their food wasn't annoying enough... take them to The Foodie Space. I am sure they will ❤️it as much as they ❤️get tons of likes on their socials.  See ya there.
The Foodie Museum The Foodie Museum Reviewed by #IheartHollywood on August 09, 2019 Rating: 5

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