Watch The Shining At The Real Overlook Hotel

Do you like scary movies? Are you an uber-fan of The Shining?  If so, then you must head on over to Oregon for a screening of The Shining at the location it was shot at.

The Timberline Lodge in Mt. Hood Oregon famously stood in as the Overlook Hotel during the filming of The Shining, and now the hotel is inviting fans of the acclaimed Stephen King adaptation to a very special screening on site.

The 1980 movie The Shining was based on the Stephen King novel of the same name, which was inspired by The Stanley Hotel in Colorado. The movie chose The Lodge for thier exterior shots in the film.

But don't expect to see the famous hedge maze or loading dock at The Lodge, those were shot at Elstree Studios in England, using a mock-up of the south face of the lodge. There is also no crazy patterented 70's carpet here, all interior scenes were also shot at Elstree Studios as well, and not at Timberline Lodge.

Also NOT at Timberline is room 217. Kubrick was asked not to depict Room 217 (featured in the book) in The Shining because future guests at the Lodge might be afraid to stay there. So a nonexistent room, Room 237, was substituted in the film. Curiously, and somewhat ironically, Room 217 is requested more often than any other room at Timberline.

Admission for the Overlook Hotel screening Sunday, December 1 is $70 per person. The event is expected to sell out and the organizers note that seating is limited. To purchase tickets or for more information, click HERE.

It's a big year for The Shinning, the movie is getting a 4K Ultra HD release in October, and a sequel Doctor Sleep, which stars Ewan McGregor as an adult Danny Torrence and arrives in theaters this November.

It's nice to see The Shining doing so well after so many years...and we can't wait for the sequel.  If you ever wanted to visit the real is the perfect opportunity...And we ❤️that.

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  1. What about the Gold Room? Does the Gold Room with that fancy bar and dinning room and those fancy bathrooms really exist?

  2. yes it was filmed in another hotel in phoenix